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A short time ago...
We embarked on a quest...

A quest for the best
Designs in jest
Made with love, for all the rest
Role-playing Game inspired
Artist for hire

Ace of Gnomes is a passion-driven quest to provide the whole dang kingdom with frickin' sweet Fantasy RPG and D&D inspired gear. 
It all started when we reconized the need to add our own unique spin to traditional Fantasy RPG & D&D inspired gear. We saw the opportunity to create artistic and, dare we say, trendy-ish designs to contribute to these already awesome communities.

All Ace of Gnomes gear is backed by a Gnomish stamp of approval, A.K.A. each design is hand crafted from the mind of someone who truly loves the Fantasy, RPG and D&D Communities. Each piece of gear is verified for top quality, we look at each item with a critical eye and wouldn't offer anything we couldn't get behind!

Please shoot a message to with any questions or concerns about anything at all, or if you just need a nerdy ear to chat to.

Your support is the bardic inspiration that keeps this whole operation afloat! So thank you on behalf of the entire Ace of Gnomes team!